Puzzle game. Fill the squares. Eat your tail. No overlaps(without power ups)

Click on the game if input isn't working!

Welcome to ouro-fill-os!

This was made for JimJam#2. The goal is to fill all the light grey tiles, and then eat your tail. There are 9 levels. You will encounter power ups and cool tiles as you play. Press W to start and have fun.  This is the first game I actually did pixel art for and did a title screen and everything.

You shouldn't need instructions, the game will explain how to play, but here they are any ways.

  • WASD - move
  • R - reset
  • tiles with arrows will boost you in their direction
  • purple orbs will let you pass through yourself once each
  • some blocks will move when ever you move 

boring technical stuff

  • No engine, just html canvas and Javascript 
  • No librarys
  • sounds: bfxr
  • graphics: paint tool SAI free trial (delete stuff in program data for a new free trial)
  • code editor: vscode


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This is amazing. Great job I was hooked for a long time